The best IPTV Subscription Providers Canada 2020

Canada, just like many other countries around the world, joined the IPTV bandwagon and it could never be better for live TV fanatics. Right now, there are many service providers and it could overwhelm you when picking the right choice. The rise of cable TV and its popularity will also not make it easy to switch your loyalty. But we hope this article will convince you that IPTV is here to stay and worth the try.

IPTV Subscription Providers in Canada

If you are about to take the leap into the world of IPTV and you are in Canada, then you are right in time because this article has done the heavy lifting for you. We did our investigation and in-depth research to identify the best IPTV service providers in Canada. We will review each of the services, telling you the good and the bad, and leave it all in your court to make the final choice.

Brace yourself; it is going to be a thrilling read. Let’s dive in already.

  • WittyCentral

Alternatively called David’s Tech Store, WittyCentral is arguably the best IPTV service provider in Canada. There are over 500 channels exclusive for Canada and the USA audiences. The French viewers from Toronto, Quebec, Vancouver and Ottawa have Canada-French channels to cater to their unique needs. There is also global content from Europe, specifically the UK.

The pay plans go for CAD 22 each month attached with 24 hours of free trial. There are also affordable plans for 3 months going for CAD 50 as well as a yearly plan for CAD 120. However, there is a twist for the yearly plans. They are only available for customers who have been with the provider for 6 and above months. Make some enquiries if the policy has changed. All in all, the price range is very affordable given that regular cable TV asks for not less than CAD 300.

The service app comes as Android APK file, which is compatible with the Android TV box. It is easy to install and start the app. Remember to click on the trial plan to know what you are walking into. You will notice how neatly the user interface is organized. The main 3 categories for movies, live TV, and series are clearly displayed. The account settings are also readily accessible just in case you want to change anything.

  • Boss TV’s Epicstream

Epicstream is not only available in Canada but also across many countries in the world. It has its deep roots in the US, thus Canada enjoys from its close proximity. Its services are assured quality and you can expect several channels in HD.

If you did not know, most IPTV services get their content from Epicstream. That should tell you that their services are solid and worth trying. But be careful because there are several knock-offs selling themselves cheap and claiming to be the real Epicstream.

The true Epicstream is from Boss TV and packs a rich lineup of content for the entire family. There is also EPG feature, which you will not get from a lot of other providers. You will get access to more than 600 English channels. There is a network dedicated to sports with a 1080p resolution. You are also treated to massive overseas content from Germany, France, and the Middle East.

You cannot help but notice the VOD section and its rich lineup. It packs more than 400 live TV shows and over 100 movies from all over the globe.

However, the trial plan is not what many subscribers would expect. You have to pay $3 for a 24-hour trial period. If you like it, you can subscribe monthly for $14 or an annual plan of $152.

  • Insight IPTV

For Canadians, this is one of the few IPTV service providers that allow simultaneous streaming on 2 devices. Insight IPTV is predominant in Europe, so a lot of the content is European and largely in English. Nevertheless, there are a few channels from the US and Canada. Unfortunately, do not expect Canada-French channels from Insight IPTV.

If you are into movies and TV series, then the VOD library will not disappoint. It is has a long list of movies and TV series. The library is updated regularly so expect to find some of the shows hitting theaters in 2020.

In total, you are getting over 1500 channels and a dozen of them are in HD. The yearly package goes for $75 with the promise of streaming to 2 devices. If you are worried about your privacy, you can pay in Bitcoin.

  • ProTVNow

ProTVNow is making waves around the world and is now available in Canada. It is the IPTV provider with a bias for sports. Its channels lineup is 300+ strong with shows for sports, entertainment, movies, kids, and documentaries. ProTVNow is touted to be the next big thing, especially in the sports space as it collects content from east to west and south to north of the globe.

The biggest perk for ProTVNow is that it can be accessed via a range of devices. It is compatible with smart TVs, Windows devices, macOS, iOS, Android, and most of the mobile devices. Its plans start at $17 a month, $49 for 3 months, and $79.99 yearly.

  • Online IPTV Pro

Online IPTV Pro is another player in the Canadian market. The app is available on Google Playstore for quick download and installation. In a minute or so, you will be ready for your content.

The service provider has over 5000 channels with content from the US, Canada, the UK, Philippines, Italy, and France. There is also a of lot local content spanning across sports, news, movies, and Live TV.

The channels come in 1080p, 720p and standard definition resolutions. This diversity makes sure that even those with slow internet get access to the service. You will also have a 3-day trial before you can commit to subscribing for a month or longer. Afterward, you pay $25 a month to get full access.

While the user interface is easy to navigate and use, there are two things that will feel like a letdown. First, you can only use this service with the SO player, which is prone to crashing. Second, the app is only compatible with Android TV boxes and devices. Those using PC and iOS will have to look for an alternative.

  • IPGuys IPTV

IPGuys is a new entrant into the Canadian IPTV market. However, its subscription is relatively higher than most service providers in our list. For a one-day trial, you will have to pay $3. Its channel lineup is a mixture of American and Canadian content. They are not many and all come in standard definition. That is wanting and a lot of people would love to try something that gives them more options. All in all, it is worth trying what IPGuys are offering in the IPTV scene if you find yourself short of other options.

  • SnapIPTV

SnapIPTV is strict on its content source. It only features channels from the US, Canada, and the UK. If you are seeking channels from the rest of the world regions, we advise you to look for another service provider.

The authentic SnapIPTV offers a free trial. Anyone else asking for money is a scam. Thankfully, the app is supported by a lot of devices. You can use it with Android, MAG box, smart TV, Fire TV Stick or Windows.

The service offers more than 11000 channels with a bigger portion for local and US content. All the channels can be accessed in HD and this is something you do not get with most IPTV players. However, if you have slow internet, there is standard definition quality for you. Equally impressive is the VOD library. It is well stocked with everything for everyone.

A little disappointment you may notice is that the channels are dumped into the same country box. It will give you some trouble navigating them. But once you get the knack of it, there rest will be easy.

Payment plans start at a monthly fee of $14 and $96 for a year. You can pay in Bitcoin or even use Paypal.

Final Thoughts

For Canadians or anyone who finds themselves in Canada and in need of IPTV, the choices are broad for you. In the question of who leads the market, we feel that WittyCentral has won the hearts of many thanks to its rich channel list and reliable services. However, it does not enjoy a monopoly. The other players are gearing up for a bigger portion of the Canadian IPTV pie. These are both local and global players like PROTVNow. To choose one over the other will be a matter of preference. Of course the number of channels, content diversification and subscription fees will play a critical role in the decision. On our part, we hope that we have helped to open your eyes to the several IPTV service providers in Canada. The rest we leave to you to make a decision.

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