Guide to watch IPTV in Australia

Are you in Australia and want more than what your cable television is offering? Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) is the way to go. Whether you are looking for more sports, movies, series, entertainment, and music; IPTV will serve your appetite to satisfaction.

You did a good job finding this guide. Or did the guide find you? Whichever the case, we are going to guide you into watching IPTV in Australia. We will tell you about the two main types of IPTV, IPTV service providers, and IPTV streaming devices for Australia.

Does this sound like what you have been looking for? Great. Stick with us to the end as we share everything and anything about IPTV in Australia.

The two main IPTV models in Australia

IPTV in Australia comes through two models. One is the traditional models and the other is the new IPTV model.

  • Traditional IPTV model: it is available through specific service providers like AUSIPTV and Fetch TV. To access it, you have to buy branded top boxes.
  • New model IPTV: These ones do not rely on a clique of service providers or a set of branded hardware. It uses the internet as its medium and is accessible through websites and apps. The biggest players in this niche are Stan and Netflix. You can access this model of IPTV via PC, smart TV, and mobile devices.

IPTV Service Providers in Australia

Australia has been making strides into the IPTV niche. That is evident in the number of IPTV service providers in the Australian market right now. The providers are a cocktail of small, big, local, and global streaming options. If you are looking to get the most reliable option, then we will be giving a primer about each of the service providers in this section.

  • Stan

Stan is an Australian IPTV service provider giving Netflix stiff competition for the local market. It lines up a collection of both local and international TV and movies. It is the only place in Australia where you can access Twin Peaks, Better Call Saul, and Billions thanks to collaboration with America’s Showtime.

Stan also serves a generous portion of local original content such as Romper Stomper, Wolf Creek, and a series of homegrown stand-up comedy. The basic rate is $10 each month, with an option for $17 a month for the 4k resolution and multi-screen package. One of the good things is that there is no locked-in content. Whether you are paying the basic fee or the 4k resolution option; you will have access to all content and title.

  • Netflix

Netflix has asserted its influence in Australia and is undoubtedly the leading IPTV service provider. It offers many channels with a diversified pool of content. It dominantly features TV series, movies, kids stuff, drama, documentaries, and several special programming.

On top of being a service provider, Netflix invests a lot in producing original content. Currently, you can access a dozen of shows such as Black Mirror, Orange is the New Black, and Stranger Things. Monthly subscriptions range between $9.99 and $17.99.

  • ProTVNow

ProTVNow is yet another IPTV option for Australians. It lineups more than 300 channels packed up with sports, documentaries, entertainment, and kid’s content. You can access all the channels in either SD or HD depending on your internet strength. Most importantly, ProTVNow is compatible with PC, smart TV, and mobile devices. You are also getting excellent customer service and great streaming services for a monthly subscription of $17.

  • Foxtel Now

Foxtel is a pay TV giant and could not keep its fingers away from the streaming space. That is how Foxtel Now was born. The service has its content stratified in pay packages. The more you pay, the more you can access on the platform. The least amount is $25 a month, which can go up to $104 monthly if you want an unlimited access to all channels.

The basic package allows you to access content in the pop and lifestyle niches. The Walking Dead, West World, and Game of Thrones are some of the signature shows you should expect. Higher-paid packages will add movies, sports, documentaries, and kid content to your library.

  • Flip TV

 This one is both a NBN and IPTV service provider. However, each of them is independent so you can sign up for IPTV and skip the NBN option.

The Flip IPTV offers a collection of global TV channels, VOD, and free-to-air TV channels. There are also packages for particular countries across Europe, South America, and Asia. You can either access it online or step it down to your smart TV via a Flip TV top box. Monthly subscriptions start at $12.95 and impeccable customer support.

  • Kayo

In other words, Kayo is what Netflix is not in the sports niche. It is a subsidiary of Foxtel but with a dedication to sports. You get more than 50 sports channels covering gymnastics, motorsports, US soccer, MMA, golf, tennis, basketball, and so much more.

With a 25-dollar monthly fee, you get a split screen, while $35 a month gives you 3 split screens. You do not need any contract for the subscriptions and you can access your content in HD.

  • Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime is the new entrant into the IPTV scene, but still giving the old boys a good run for their content. It made its entry into Australia not long ago and thus does not boast of a rich catalog. For Australians, Amazon Prime Video is the only place you can access Grand Tour and American Gods.

Monthly subscription is pegged at $6.99 for the entire catalog. It also comes with the option for splitting your screen into 3. It is also worth noting that Amazon Video does not invest in creating original content and currently, its featured list is not that much.


You probably know PTG for its role in mobile and broadband services. What you might not know is that PTG has waded into the IPTV world. TPG IPTV is currently a freebie service for PTG customers subscribed to its ADSL2+ plan in a pre-qualified list of locations.

On a rather limiting aspect, TPG IPTV is only available for Macs and PCs. On the bright side, you will not be investing in a new set of hardware as TPG has that figured out for you. They provide a configured modem that is already compatible to IPTV. The installation process is pretty simple and you will be on your way to catching live TV and content on demand in a few minutes.

The service lines up a formidable schedule of international TV channels including Al Jazeera, France 24, Hungarian TV, Deutsche Welle, Bloomberg and Indonesian TV. There are also shows from sports, entertainment, music, kid content.

  • Fetch TV

Fetch TV can only be accessed through a branded top box. You can buy the Fetch TV top from the open market retailers such as JB Hi-Fi or Harvey Norman. It also comes as part of broadband bundles for iPrimus, Dodo, Optus, Westnet, and iiNet.

The service gives you the power to rewind, record, and pause live TV. It also has an extensive library of on-demand TV shows and movies. There is also an option for pay TV at $6 per month. That package gives you access to kid programs, sports, entertainment, and a range of other shows. For sports and foreign language shows, there is a 9.99-dollar package per month.

Fetch TV top box will also make it possible to watch Stan and Netflix on your smart TV. But to get full access to their content, you have to subscribe to each of their services. The service also comes with several add-ons that serve to enrich your channel list and scheduling.

IPTV Streaming Devices for Australia

Smart TV is the one number device to explore the world of IPTV. But you should not be hard pressed if you do not have one yet. A few of the service providers we have discussed here are also compatible with smartphones, PCs, and MacOS devices. However, the peoples’ favorite devices for harvesting IPTV are top boxes. Currently, there are three main top box brands in Australia. In no particular order they are: Telstra TV top box, Apple TV set top box, and Foxtel Now box. It is a sea of options for you out there so you should make your decision according to your preferences.

Final Thoughts

Go, go, go Australia. You should not wait for traditional TV to satisfy your entertainment thirst. You can get all sports, news, and entertainment by a snap of your fingers. IPTV is in Australia and it is big. You can start by sampling some of the services we have discussed in this post. It is a big market, but we made sure to include the most reliable services. Don’t forget to keep it here because we will be telling you everything about IPTV when it happens from around the world. For now, pick your favorite IPTV service and change how you watch TV. You have earned it and no one should dictate where, when, and where you watch your TV.

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