Excursion IPTV Review: Reliable Full HD IPTV Channels

Did you decide to cut the cord and get your entertainment the best way? The excursion IPTV does not only fit that bill but also gives you unmatched convenience. The service brings a world of entertainment into your living room at the best rates around. Besides, Excursion IPTV also allows users to bring onboard new channel suggestions to meet everyone’s entertainment needs.

Talk of multiple sport streams and endless movies, the Excursion IPTV brings you all that at the comfort of your home. If you are in the US, UK, or Canada, this IPTV will bring you the broadest channel selection you have ever wanted.

Excursion IPTV Reviews

Excursion IPTV comes in two entertainment plans, namely two device plans and three devices. Both plans offer different subscription packages at varying costs, and you will realize that the monthly charges will vary depending on the subscription duration you opt for. The longer the period of the subscription, the lesser you are going to pay. Notably, Excursion gives you a 24-hour trial to test the product before making a purchase. The two device plan packages include;

  • 1 month hosting for $10
  • 4 months hosting for $30
  • 7 months hosting for $55

The three device plan packages include;

  • 1 month hosting for $25
  • 3 months hosting for $ 70
  • 6 months hosting for $130
  • 12 months hosting for $ 200

When it comes to channels, this IPTV comes with hundreds of channels for viewers in the US, Canada, and the UK. These channels bring lots of content in various categories, such as drama, sci-fi, romance, and action. Moreover, if you are a fan of sports, you will also get all your favorite sport stream at your comfort. These include the NBA League Pass, NHL Center ICE, NFL Sunday Ticket, MLB Extra Innings, PPV Events, all ESPN channels, Fox Sports, TSN, NBC Sports Network, and WWE Network and many more. Note that the premium sports package is only available on the day and time of the game.

Reliability and Quality

To begin with, the Excursion customer care is usually available all-round the clock to tackle all your problems. Any ticket raised is attended to within 24 hours to ensure that you don’t miss out on your favorite shows for a long time. Moreover, you won’t have to get into long term commitments with this IPTV because it offers month to month subscriptions.

In regards to quality, Excursion brings you high HD videos to enable you to make the best out of your home entertainment. Moreover, the IPTV does not buffer, in turn, allowing you to stream your best shows with zero interruptions.

  • Simple Subscription

Subscribing to the Excursion IPTV packages is pretty simple. All you need to do is log in to their portal and create an account. After that, you will get a username and a password to allow you into your Excursion IPTV portal to purchase your preferred package.


  • It offers a free trial to allow you to see whether it meets your entertainment needs or not
  • The IPTV gives you room to connect up to two or three devices
  • This service requires neither activation fees nor any cancellation fees
  • Professional support is always available to respond to your issues within the shortest time possible.
  • The channels available with Excursion IPTV bring you entertainment both for you and your little ones.


  • This IPTV has a limited viewership only to the US, the UK, and Canada

What Makes a Good IPTV Service? 

To make an informed choice for an IPTV, you will need to have in mind a few factors that describe what an excellent IPTV service is all about. Take a look at the factors below;

  • Free trial offer – this will enable you to test the service before committing your money on any subscription.
  • You can make your payments via PayPal – this allows you to pay for your subscriptions conveniently and get a refund if things go wrong.
  • The provider offers monthly plans – with monthly plans, you don’t have to get into long-term commitments.
  • No buffering- Look for an IPTV device without buffering issues to ensure that you make the best out of your streaming sessions.
  • Multiple devices – an IPTV that enables you to use multiple devices ensures that you enjoy unlimited entertainment all day long.


Q: Can I enable specific channels to suit my tastes?

A: Yes, Excursion IPTV allows you to create a channel selection tailored to meeting your entertainment needs.

Q: Am I allowed to test before Purchase?

A: Yes, Excursion offers you a 24-hour trial to test whether it meets your entertainment expectations or not.

Q: How can I select a Subscription with Excursion IPTV?

ANS: It’s quite simple! Just visit the Excursion IPTV portal and create your account. A username and password will be send to you through which you can purchase your preferred package.

Q: Do I need a VPN with the Excursion IPTV

A: We recommend VPN for IPTV users because it enables you to remain private and anonymous while using the service. Also, a VPN will help you change your location settings to whichever address you wish.


With Excursion IPTV being one of the major IPTV providers, you can be sure that you won’t go wrong. Apart from offering the multiple device options, it also brings over 800 live channels into your entertainment space.

Nevertheless, we won’t ignore the fact that there are other IPTV’s that provide thousands of channels at lower rates, say, $10 per month. Well, this IPTV still has an admirable track record that you can’t afford to ignore. Moreover, Excursion doesn’t also need any credit check to keep your home entertainment on top.

Final Thoughts

The Excursion IPTV could be all you have been looking for to say goodbye to cable television. It will introduce you to a new world of plug and play technology without any long-term commitment hanging over your head. Furthermore, you will be able to reach their 24/7 professional support whenever you face a technical hitch.

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