Epicstream Review: IPTV Subscription, Reliable TV Channels

If you would love to experience IPTV’s full potential, Epicstream IPTV is the way to go. You access thousands of channels from Canada, the USA, and the UK. If you are a football lover, this IPTV has got your back with plenty of sports channels. Besides, you will love the quality of streams with uncompressed HD.

Well, before you start to think that we are just blowing horns and whistles for this IPTV, stay put for the review below. You will know why the Epicstream IPTV is considered as the pillar of the IPTV world.

Epicstream IPTV

Epicstream comes with three different packages to ensure that you enjoy unlimited entertainment at home. Whichever package you choose, you pay the full subscription fee of $14 per month. Moreover, with any of these packages, you enjoy access to a VoD section with TV series, movies, and box sets.

Here are the packages at a glance,

  • Plus package – This comes only with English stream. The streams are of ideal quality and great for those looking for English-only programs and sports/PPV streams. This package gives you access to a world of entertainment with around 600 premium channels from the UK, US, and Canada. Furthermore, you also access at least 150 sports channels.
  • Premium Package – This package includes English, Arabic, Canadian and French programs. On top of the channels available on the Plus package, you get 450 more channels from Germany, France, and the Middle East on the premium package.
  • Max Package – it contains both the plus and premium package channels plus a score of international channels. To be precise, the max package brings about 800 more channels into your entertainment world. These are channels from India, Pakistan, South America, Italy, South America, and Eastern Europe.

The VoD section comes with at about 400 TV show episodes and over 100 movies. Most importantly, you are saving some bucks if you pay for the subscriptions for a longer period. If you get a three-month subscription, you save $2. Paying for a 6-month subscription will save you $14, meaning that you will need to pay $70.

Quality and Dependability

Quality is a critical element that every serious buyer looks at before purchasing a product. When it comes to quality, the Epicstream IPTV never disappoints. It comes with full HD TV channels as well as 60 fps streams.

Another impressive feature of this service is bundling up of the channels into three subscriptions. This is to ensure that your entertainment device is not cluttered with channels that don’t suit your tastes and preferences. For instance, if the only language you understand is English, there won’t be a point of having Italian or French channels on your frequency list.

We all know how annoying buffering can be. The Epicstream IPTV brings a cable TV experience to ensure you get quality videos without buffering.


How compatible is this IPTV with other providers? The device is compatible with the M3U playlist or the Dreamlink T1+ stalker device. However, the downside of this is that you can’t use both of them; you have to pick one during the signup.

Additionally, this IPTV service is also compatible with Kodi, Fire TV, or a TV box.

Epicstream IPTV Technology

This device comes with two technologies, namely, IP technology and TV television. The technologies are digitally brought together to usher you into a set of multimedia services. These include audios, videos, and data that are designed into the best of interactivity, quality, and reliability. Moreover, you also get a room for additional software to make your IPTV experience one of a kind. All you will need to access the endless entertainment that comes with this technology is some good internet connection.


  • With Epicstream IPTV, you will get a free 24-hour trial to give you a real feel of the experience before you spend any dime.
  • The different packages allow you to pick whatever fits into your preferences.
  • Timeshift is enabled on the plus package to ensure that you never miss out on your favorite shows.
  • With an excellent internet connection, you can enjoy 60fps streams and full HD quality videos.
  • Epicstream IPTV has zero buffering.
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  • Monthly subscriptions are more expensive than other services in the same range.


Q: What are the best Apps for IPTV?

A: If you have been using Kodi for your entertainment collection, you can set your IPTV in Kodi. If you wish to view your favorite videos apart from the live streams, you can use the xtream go app.

Q: How much will the subscription packages cost me?

A: Note that all packages are available at the same cost, which is $14. This may be less costly if you opt to pay for the subscription for a longer period. The only difference is the number of channels you can access.

Q: Does the Device cover Indian and Arabic Channels

A: Yes. Being away from your native country doesn’t mean that you won’t have access to your local channels. This device provides access to Indian and Arabic channels.

Our Verdict

Not every other IPTV device that you find out there gives you a decent service. Epicstream IPTV prides itself on giving its customers the best entertainment experience ever! With the thousands of channels and reliability, the IPTV device is your ultimate home entertainment partner.

However, it comes at a cost, but it is worth every dime you pay for. We recommend that you subscribe for a longer period to enjoy lower rates than a monthly subscription.

Final Thoughts

Thanks to this Epicstream IPTV review, you now know what might be missing to make your home an entertainment hub. You are getting hundreds of international and local channels, as well as unmatched quality and reliability. In case you want to get started, head over to Epicstream to place your order. It is important to note that Epicstream no longer offers its services directly, but Boss TV steps to ensure that you never miss out on anything from the Epicstream IPTV.

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