Best IPTV Services 2020

IPTV services are the number one way to skip the cords and own the ability to watch your favorite programs at all times anywhere. But the sheer number of the services providers is overwhelming. Therefore, making the best IPTV service provider choice is never a walk in the pack. There are many considerations, small and big, and you can easily make a mistake.

That is why this guide decided to do the heavy lifting for you. It will tell everything and anything about IPTV service providers. It will begin with the basic definition of IPTV services, guide you into making the right choice, and review the best IPTV services you can choose in 2020 and answer some of the burning questions you may have.

If you have been stuck trying to make the best choice for your IPTV services, this is the post you should be reading. Here, you will find the ultimate resource to all IPTV questions and information you may need.

With that out of our way, let us now dive into it from the top, shall we?

IPTV is an acronym for Internet Protocol Television. It simply means that you are getting your favorite TV programs via the internet protocol. This is a totally different ball game from satellite and other conventional Television. IPTV relies on radio waves or fiber-optic light pulses, but sends communication via the internet. The best thing about IPTV is that you only watch what you like and not pre-programmed shows. It gives users the power to make the choice of what to watch and when to watch it. Thanks to this, IPTV has taken the world by a storm and a lot of people are now subscribing to it.

Why You Need an IPTV Subscription?

You never know whether you need anything until you do not have it. IPTV Subscription is the game changer every individual needs. It means you will no longer have to sit through programs that you do not want to watch. Just like food in a restaurant, you will order the content you want to watch. This is a big plus for sports enthusiasts who only want to catch major sporting events around the world. You will get served the content you want to watch anytime and anywhere you may be.

Best IPTV Services in 2020

Well, there is nothing like best IPTV services. What may be best to you may be worst to another person. So, it is very critical here that we use the term ‘best’ with reservation. All in all, the best IPTV service providers are the ones that meet your content needs. For instance, the best IPTV subscription for a sports enthusiast would be a provider that offers sports content. When you go out looking for popular IPTV services, you had better list your preferences lest you make a choice you will regret. Thankfully, there are so many service providers that you may found yourself lost while trying to choose the best. Lucky for you, we have done the research and filtered only the top IPTV services that cut across the board of preferences.  

Pro TV Now - Best Sports IPTV Service Providers

Pro TV Now offers something IPTV fans cannot resist. It is one of the best IPTV providers of the cordless TV. It brings to your house the best sports programs from all over the world to your living space. No more going through complicated setting up to get program that you cannot access via the traditional TV. The good news is that the programs are selected from the top 100 sporting channels and you will likely get you preferences. There is no more pressing hard on the remote trying to find programs that you and your family can watch.

ProTVNow Best IPTV Services

Pro TV Now is serving whatever you want to watch at the comfort of your couch. You will also be happy to know that you no longer need expensive monthly subscriptions to access your top TV shows. Who wouldn’t want to save on monthly TV subscription and get the top sports events coverage from every corner of the globe?


  • Packed up with top 100 sports channels from all over the world 
  • No monthly subscription
  • No cords in your living room
  • Unlimited watching time
  • Global access


  • There is nothing you will not like about Pro TV Now

Sportz TV IPTV - Most Popular IPTV Services

You are open to make your pick from 3 packages depending on the number of connections you want. The basic package is for 2-device connection. If you have more devices, then you should subscribe to a higher package. With each package, you get 1000+ channels with a variety of VOD content. You also have an option to customize your package and get access to adult content without forking out an extra dime. Most of the content is from Europe, so you should expect a big chunk of their coverage to be on sports. On reliability and quality of content, Sportz TV performs extremely well compared to its peers. Expect to have issues resolved quickly in cases of outage or related problems.

Sportz TV IPTV


  • Access to 1000+ channels 
  • Customizable content
  • Connection to multiple devices
  • Great quality and excellent reliability
  • HD quality content
  • Enviable EPG experience


  • No free trials
  • Channel unavailability at times
  • Buffering problems

Area 51 IPTV - Best Premium IPTV Subscription

Area 51 is quite a popular IPTV choice for a lot of people. It runs on android devices, mobile, TV boxes, and FireStick. That probably explains its popularity among individuals who like streaming TV programs. Its popularity forces the developers to keep it out of stock to make sure subscribers get strong and reliable bandwidth. For those lucky enough to join, you will be treated to a top quality live TV.

You will only be paying 10-dollar monthly subscription and that is affordable given the programs you can access. There are also 6-month and annual subscriptions. But it is advisable to go with the monthly subscription to avoid uncertainty in the future.

Area 51 IPTV Services

One of the areas you will be happy is their customer service. Your issues will be addressed as soon as you report them. You can as well use the app as an add-on and run it on your Mac, iOS, Raspberry Pi, and Linux.


  • Excellent customer service 
  • Accessible on multiple devices
  • Affordable monthly subscription
  • programs diversity
  • High quality streaming


  • Mostly out of stock
  • Uncertainty in the future

Nitro TV - Great Reliable IPTV Subscription Providers

How do 6000+ channels sound? And you are getting 2500 of those in HD. That is the kind of fun Nitro TV puts on your table of TV streaming. You can access all these on your Android device as well as any other devices that support Android such as FireStick. Even if your device is on the low-spec end, Nitro TV will work excellently. At times you may have some issues with navigation, but not something to worry about. You can expect a buffer-free experience anytime you sit and want to watch your content without interruption.

Nitro TV IPTV Services

Nitro TV serves you the best content from around the world but mostly from the USA, Canada, the UK, and several other regions. You will also receive a fair serving from local channels and programs, just in case you like them.


  • Over 6000 channels. 2500 of them are in HD 
  • No buffering
  • Diversified content from many regions around the globe
  • Includes local content as well
  • Accessible on Android devices and Android-supporting devices


  • Issues with navigation

247 TV Stream - Popular IPTV Network Service

Sports lovers where are you? 247 TV Stream is the sure bet to every game and sport. From Rugby, Motor races, NFL, boxing, NBA, Tennis, to UFC; all are served to you. With this service you will never miss a second of the action. The good news is that you can stream on all devices. 247 TV supports OS desktops, Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Linux.

While sports is the mainstay menu you get from 247 TV, expect thrilling entertainment, news, and general content. There is everything for every age group. There are also channels dedicated to kids as well. As they say, this streaming service is your one-stop solution to all your sports and entertainment needs.

247 TV Stream IPTV Services

The only precondition for 247 TV Stream is internet connection. As long as you have it, you can access it from wherever you may be on the globe. There is no regional limit.


  • Global accessibility 
  • Diversified content: sports, news, entertainment, and drama documentaries
  • Accessible on most devices
  • HD streaming
  • Impeccable customer service


  • No movie streaming

Verified IPTV Services

The pool of services in this category is legal. They have followed up the copyright path to make sure they are not pirating any content from their featured list of channels. They do these by sharing the revenues generated from their streaming activities. If you are looking to be on the legal side of IPTV, these are the service providers you should subscribe to; 

AT&T TV Now is not only affordable, but also rich in content diversity. It packs 47 channels that will keep your watch list full throughout the day and night. You can easily surf through the channels until you find something that appeals to your moods.

One of the problems is the arbitrary fragmentation, which tends to make accessing it expensive in the long run. You will also notice that the DVR function is steps away from mounting any competition to its peers. The app is not a looker in terms of design and that may turn off some people.

The service presents you a choice of 7 packages from where you make your pick. You can go with Max, Entertainment, Plus, Ultimate, Choice, Optimo Mas, or Xtra depending on your budget and needs. There is also a generous portion of channels dedicated to sports, entertainment, and news.


  • Multiple channel 
  • Diversified content
  • Intuitive interface
  • Wide scope of package


  • Expensive in the long run due to fragmentation
  • Lack of customization to suit individual needs


Fubo TV leans towards sports, but the 90+ channels have diversified entertainment for the whole family. The dominant sports channels include NFL, NBA TV, CBS, and NBC. However, ESPN is not included. For entertainment you get National Geographic, The Food Network, SYFY, AMC, and many more. You will be getting a cocktail of live programs as well shows and movies you request.

If you are not satisfied with the list of channels available, you can opt for add-ons to enrich your programs. Notably, the add-ons come at an extra cost. One of the areas where Fubo TV beats its peers is with the DVR capabilities. It starts at 30 hours and gives a steady streaming all the time. Lookback is also another impressive feature that gives you the capability to watch anything that aired 72 hours ago. Not forgetting Startover that enables you to watch already airing programs from the start regardless of when you tune in.


  • Strong and reliable streaming 
  • Accessible on mobile devices
  • Rich in convenient features like Lookback and Startover
  • DVR function
  • Content diversity for both live and on-demand programs


  • Most, if not all, live stream have a limitation at 720p
  • Payable add-ons. They add to the cost of subscription

Sling TV

Sling TV distributes its channels over a range of payment plans denoted by orange and blue. Each plan will cost you $30 per month. However, when you combine the two you pay $45 each month and get diversified content. A combination of both plans will give you access to TNT, ESPN, Disney Channel, AMC, SYFY, CNN, Travel Channel, NFL and Food Networks.

Unfortunately, Sling TV is not your option if you want to access local programs. If you still insist, then you will need an antenna to get access to local programming. Notably, NBC is selectively provided in some regions.

If you need add-ons, then you will have to pay extra $5 for each. The collection for add-ons includes Kids Extra, Nicktoons, Disney XD, Boomerang, among others. The DVR function can store 10 hours of content, with an option of expanding it to 50 hours with a 5-dollar a month add-on.


  • Movie rental services 
  • Flexible and affordable plans
  • Rich selection of channels
  • Steady streaming


  • Limited regional and local content
  • App and interface not at par with competition

Hulu Live TV

Hulu Live has a formidable lineup of 60 channels in sports, news and entertainment. Sports fans will have their thirst for action satisfied by ESPN, Olympic channel, Golf channel, and BTN. The news collection is made up of Fox News, CNN International, CBS, ABC, and MSNBC. The entertainment scene is dominated by Cartoon, Network, HGTV, SYFY, National Geographic, Discovery, and Animal Planet.

According to consumer reports, Hulu Live TV has one of the most diversified programming covering local, regional, and international content. It is also voted to be the best fit for the entire family viewership.

The DVR function has 50 hours of storage. You can as well upgrade that to cloud DVR and get 200 hours for $10 each month. The only notable downside about Hulu is navigating. It is not easy especially for first time users, but you will get used to it.


  • Cloud DVR option 
  • Diversified channels and programs
  • Accessible on multiple devices with streaming capabilities


  • Fewer HD content compared to competition
  • On-demand plan comes with ads
  • No offline downloads unless you have a premium account

YouTube TV is an all-round streaming service with a rich menu of local, regional and international channels. It is the perfect replacement of conventional TV since viewers will not be missing out on anything. The channels are a diversified collection of news, entertainment, and sports content. It is one of the few services that have all the top 10 channels in almost every niche. What lacks in the channels can be accesses via the add-ons after paying a small monthly subscription fees.

The DVR function comes with an unlimited recording capability going up to 9 months. Even better, you can stream from 3 different devices at the same time without affecting speed. The performance is above the rest and you cannot resist admiring the cute design of the app. For PlayStation 4 gamers, this service is worth your try as it is the only option available for the console.


  • Unlimited DVR 
  • Intuitive and easy to navigate interface
  • Diversified content


  • Very basic control options

Pluto TV

Pluto TV is free. You do not pay a dime to catch live TV. Consequently, you should not put your expectation high for this one. It packs a 190-list of channels, but most of them are not what you will find on regular and Live TV. Of course there are a several top channels like NBC, CNN, Comedy Central, and CBSN; but that is just what you get for the top tier programs and channels. There are also a few music channels like Slow TV, and Cats 24/7. For sports lovers, there is nothing to expect.

You will not find a lot of features on Pluto TV. Things like DVR and apps are unheard of. But there is a small collection of movie and shows you can access on-demand. You will not require an account to access the channels, and streaming is not limited in any way. Worth noting is the fact that all streams are sub-HD and limited at 30fps.


  • It’s free 
  • No signing up required
  • Relatively diversified content


  • Loads of ads
  • Almost zero Live TV features
  • Only few traditional TV channels

Philo TV

If entertainment is all you need from IPTV, then I would suggest you pick Philo TV. The subscription fee is $20 per month and you get access to 58 channels. A few of the channels in your menu will be HGTV, Comedy Central, AMC, BET, Cooking Channel and Discovery Channel. Expect a few news channels but do not expect anything on sports. It is advisable to skip Philo TV if you are into sports and news.

There is DVR function but it does not work like the rest of the services. You can save the entire catalog of your on-demand shows but not an episode like it is with other IPTV service providers. You also cannot record the shows offline. Your recorded shows are available for 30 days and there is no limit to recording space. Besides, you can stream on 3 different devices without the quality and speed affected.


  • Apps compatible with mobile devices 
  • Relatively affordable
  • 58 strong channels
  • Impeccable performance


  • Zero local overage
  • No sports and only a handful of news channels


Netflix is the granddad-option of all streaming services. There is unlimited access to shows, movies, and exclusive programs. You get all of that and more for a blanket subscription fee. Honestly, all the other services providers are a mile behind Netflix when it comes to churning out quality content, pool of selection, and steady performance.

There is also the option of creating multiple profiles in your account. This gives you a way to access personalized content without getting into the way of family members using the same account.

For a family with kids, Netflix makes sure the young ones are not left out of the fun. There are 81 original shows dedicated to kids. Even competitors have a problem keeping up with such a number with only Amazon coming close with 22 shows for kids. It is true to say that Netflix is the right option if you are looking for both adult content as well as entertainment for the whole family.


  • Has family programs
  • Hub for original content
  • Have a rich collection of popular TV shows


  • Expensive subscription
  • Fewer network programs compared to competition

Amazon Prime gives you an option for a monthly subscription at $9 or Annual membership at $119. The yearly subscription comes with other perks such as a free e-book each month, unlimited photo storage space, two days of free shipping for Amazon orders, and Prime Music membership.

The extensive library is also another thing that should pull you towards Amazon Prime. Their library is well stocked with tens of thousands of movies and TV shows. You are also getting a direct way to stream from HBO’s back catalog. No other IPTV service can give you this apart from HBO.

But you have to note that Amazon Prime is not currently carrying many TV shows that are currently running. If you want to add those shows to your watch list, you may have to subscribe to cable TV and access NBC, ABC, FOX, and CBS. You should also know that Amazon Prime has not done a lot of investment in original content and it tails the likes of Netflix.


  • Richly stocked library 
  • Streaming to HBO back catalog
  • Annual subscription comes with Amazon Prime benefits


  • Wanting original content policy
  • Lack of current TV shows

Disney Plus

Before its release date, there was air of anticipation around Disney Plus streaming services. It is understandable because Disney is a heavy weight contender in the world of entertainment. You got Star Wars, The Simpsons, Marvel, and animated canon. And that is not all that makes Disney Plus a darling to a lot of live TV fans, its prices are also winning subscriptions left, right, and center. At $7 per month and a flood of content, you would be making a great choice for your entertainment.

The content is served in 4K resolution and some comes in HDR colors as well. You might also feel that Disney Plus is not so much a great choice for pop culture. In that case, there are other service providers for your taste. But you cannot argue with the fact that Disney is a favorite IPTV service provider for niches that a lot of people like.


  • 4k resolution 
  • Diversified content
  • Steady streaming
  • Affordable pricing


  • Inconsistencies in content lineup
  • Wrong aspect ratio for some content

Best Free IPTV Services

Does it surprise you that there are actually free IPTV services? It should not because this is a reality, and a lot of people have jumped into the free ship and enjoying live TV in their living rooms and public halls. However, just like with all free things, these services may not be as reliable as you would like. For instance, most of the content is in Standard Definition and there is a lot of buffering. But in the absence of anything else viable in your location, these free IPTV services can make a huge difference. If this is the path you would like to follow, here are several service providers you can make your pick from;


Mobdro was among the first live TV freebies and has stood its ground since then. There is a collection of live channels and good content for movies, games, and music. You can add channels and append subtitles at will. The best thing of all is that Mobdro comes in APK, thus t you can use it with a load of devices such as Android Box and FireStick.

Tubi TV

Tubi TV has found a favorite spot in the on-demand content space. It is free, but the catch is that you have to put up with loads of commercials and ads. Who cares as long as you will not be paying for a monthly subscription and still get your movies and series served on demand. Tubi TV does not create original content but heavily relies on Paramount, MGM, and Lionsgate studios to satisfy its 20 million users’ appetite.

Live Net TV

Live Net TV has a global coverage and you can use parental control to set your preferences. Its lineup of over 800 channels has diversified content for all ages. Its main niches are news, movies, and sports. Surprisingly, Live Net TV has a VOD section. It is the only free IPTV service with such a feature. However, the VOD section is only dedicated to Punjabi, Pakistani, Indian, and Hindi movies.

Locast TV

Locast TV is not so much a live TV per se. It picks up content from TV antenna channels and rebroadcasts them. Its cast has 80 channels including networks such as CBS, ABC, and FOX. Today, the service has 16 markets that users have to live in or close to have uninterrupted access. As much as it is free, you will keep receiving a message to make a donation of at least $5.

Oreo TV

Oreo TV has a rich lineup of channels across countries and cutting through several niches. Its predominant sections include international news, movies, and sports. Well, the library is nothing much to talk about but you will love the VOD section. You are at liberty to add channels and set your preferred parental controls. Notably, you can use the Oreo TV app across a range of mobile devices.

Ola TV

The Ola TV app has 8000+ channels with content cutting across sports, movies, religion, entertainment, and science. You are bringing all that content to your smart TV, Android device, or computer. You require an Android emulator to install the APK, so you should get your hands on either NOX or BlueStack emulator. Some channels may not work, but you can check if they are doubly available.

HD Streamz

HD Streamz is another free IPTV service you can give a try. Each channel has several links such in case one fails. Your streaming will be consistent and strong. The services are available in several countries including Canada, the USA, Spain, South America, Ireland, and France. Navigation over the menu is a breeze, but you may need a mouse to help to a full access.

Swift Streamz

You are getting not less than 34 categories of content when you choose Swift Streamz. The content is diversified so that no one misses out on their favorite shows and programs. A few channels come in HD, but the biggest bulk is only available in Standard Definition, which is not a bad thing. After all, it is all free. Again, you can set the control to only include your favorite channels.

TV Tap

TV tap is a big favorite for those seeking a range of content for live streaming. There are movies, sports, kids, documentaries, and news to keep every family member entertained. It will be a lot of struggle to get any content in HD so it is advisable to make do with the widely available Standard Definition. Additionally, you should not be worried about interruptions to your streaming. Each channel comes with several links.

RedBox TV

RedBox TV has won the race among free IPTV for being the fastest and most reliable. Its access and lineup of channels is filtered according to region and country. For instance, in the USA it has over 40 free channels with a scope of content in sports, news, entertainment, kids, and adult content. The channels largely play in Standard Definition, but a few come in HD.

Types of IPTV

IPTV is a deviation from the traditional TV and gives the user a lot of control over what you watch. To best suit everyone’s needs, there are several types of IPTV. These types are there to make it flexible for everyone on the kind of content they receive, how and when they get it. So here are the 3 main types of IPTV you can choose;

  • Video on Demand (VOD): you write instructions to your service provider on specific videos or content you want to watch. It is delivered to your TV or whatever device you are using. You watch it at your time without waiting for a particular broadcast. It is more suitable for those with strict preferences of what they want to watch.
  • Time-shifted Television: these are replay services from major broadcast channels. It is for those people who hardly have the time to watch live shows. The replays are packed up for hours, days or week and you can catch up with them whenever you have the time. It is a good way to stay in sync with what is happening around the entertainment and news scene even if you lead a busy life.
  • Live Television: this is the mainstay niche for IPTV services. It makes it possible to catch events in real time. Mostly, there is no interactivity and interruption as the action goes down. You are almost getting the content in its raw form, but you can only see what the cameras are capturing. Sports and fashion shows are the ones that fit into this category.
  • Why should you choose IPTV?

    IPTV is a revolution that has changed how you watch TV and access programs. You are getting access to thousands of channels, some for a fee and loads of others free. You are given a lot of control over what, how, when you watch it. It can never get better than that. Besides, there is content for the entire family. Even better is the fact that you can control what your kids can or cannot watch with some services. Finally, you will no longer be dealing with cords all over. You only need to have a computer, a mobile device or any other device compatible with IPTV apps.

    What makes a good IPTV service?

    There are countless IPTV service providers. But they are not all equal. Some are good; others are not anywhere close to that. But what really sets a good IPTV service apart from the rest?

    • Compatibility with multiple devices
    • Several payment methods
    • Offer for free trial
    • Zero or minimal buffering
    • Monthly subscription plans
    • Reliable customer service around the clock
    • Interface user-friendliness

    IPTV vs Cable TV

    It is not really a duel when it comes to IPTV vs Cable TV. For us, and a lot of people, IPTV wins hands down. The sheer number of channels is something that sells the services to all and sundry. They provide revolving content around every possible niche. The kind of control users get from IPTV is only a dream for Cable TV. The convenience and affordability of IPTV are also selling points that are edging cable TV from the scene gradually.

    Best IPTV for sports

    This one is a hard call to make because there are several IPTV services dedicated to sports. All in all, we feel that both ProTV Now and 247 Streamz not only have more sports channels and diversified sports content, but also very pocket-friendly. Their channel lineups are out of this world and you are not going to miss any single sporting event around the world. But it is your call to make and whatever meets your expectations should be your choice.

    Watch from your TV, PC, tablet, or phone

    One of the obvious perks for IPTV is that you can watch it over multiple devices. It could be your smart TV, your PC, table or phone. As you make your decision, you should be guided by the devices you will be using. It is also paramount that you choose an app that works with mobile devices. You do not want to miss, for instance a live football game, just because you are traveling. Thankfully, most of the IPTV services work on most of the devices you are using and that gives flexibility to watch your stuff on your devices of choice.

    IPTV services for Mac, Windows, Linux and mobile

    Thanks to its adaptability, you can watch IPTV on a range of devices. That also means you will need an assortment of software to use with every device. Again, the software are readily available and mostly free. Once you choose IPTV, the decisions keep getting better along the way. That is solid proof that your decision is right. Let us now look at the various apps you can use for Mac, Widows, Linux, and mobiles.

    VLC Media Player

    VLC media player can be used on several devices. It is compatible with Mac, Windows and Linux. It is an easy application that is readily available for quick download and set up. It takes less than a minute to install and you are set for your TV shows.

    VLC media player features

    • Compatible with most computer software and hardware
    • Quick and easy set up
    • Mobile device compatible
    • Kodi


    Kodi is notoriously popular among Mac, Linux, and Windows users. It is free and you can download and set it up in a minute. One of its perks is features that allow you to easily stream your videos to whatever device you are using. It can be to your TV, PC or phone.

    Kodi Features

    • Open source application
    • Extra features for steady streaming
    • Compatible over a variety of devices

    Smart IPTV

    Just like its name, Smart IPTV is the universal standard app to stream your live TV content. You can use with your smart TV and get your preferred TV content in your living room. It also supports most brands of TVs as long as they have smart features.

    Smart IPTV features

    • Open source application
    • Easy installation
    • Compatible with all brands of smart TVs

    GSE Smart IPTV

    Users of iOS have GSE Smart app to stream their live TV. Equally amazing it is also a big favorite among android and Mac OSX users. It has a set of advanced features that make it easily adaptable to almost every IPTV platform. Its app design may be simple but with detailed descriptions for each set of menu.  

    GSE Smart IPTV Features

    • Compatible with iOS, Android, and Mac OSX devices
    • Intuitive menu
    • Advanced user setting


    Formerly HypTV, ProgTV is becoming a peoples’ favorite. One of its advantages is its little download footprint. It comes in a small file for easy and quick installation. It is the best application to stream radio programs. It can also stream videos, and TV shows from local and international channels.

    ProgTV Features

    • Small downloadable footprint
    • Radio compatible
    • Fast installation and setup

    Simple TV

    Simple TV does more than just giving you a link to an IPTV platform. It helps record, stream, and organize your multimedia files. It directs all the files into one location, thus giving easy access to your playlist. It features enhanced elements to improve user-friendliness even to those using it for the first time. You will also notice several multimedia capabilities that you hardly find on other apps.

    Simple TV features

    • Multimedia capabilities
    • Localized storage
    • Rich down drop menus

    Save your money using IPTV

    Sit back and reflect on the amount you are spending on your satellite TV each month. It is a lot, if you come to think of it. You are not getting the service you deserve. Even worse, you are not getting the programs you want and not when you need them. With IPTV subscription service, you are taking control over what and when you watch it. You are also paying way less in monthly subscription.

    How to install IPTV

    IPTV installation depends on the device you are using it. Here are a few steps for several devices;

    Windows/Mac OS

    • Download the app
    • Run the file
    • Fill in the form
    • Wait for the channels to update
    • Select your favorites and enjoy


    • Download the IPTV Smart Player from Apple or Google Play
    • Fill up the form with your details
    • Sit back and enjoy your playlist

    Smart TV (LG and Samsung)

    • Visit the particular smart TV brand app store
    • Launch the IPTV app and take note of the Mac address that appears on the your screen
     Fill the form and send your Mac address and wait for activation

    Why do you need VPN?

    VPNs, at least the good ones, make sure that you can wander around the internet anonymously. They do this my regularly changing you IP address so that no one can guess where you are. This allows you to access online content regardless of your geolocation. Even the legal IPTV are not accessible in every country hence the need for VPN.

    With VPN, you are getting unlimited content from every corner of the globe. You are also cushioned from malicious hacks, especially on smart TVS.


    Q: Is it possible to trace IPTV?

    A: Illegal IPTV can be traced. ISPs can trace illegal IPTV activities and raise the alarm to the authorities. However, you can protect yourself by using VPN.

    Q: Is IPTV illegal?

    A: IPTV is both legal and illegal. The legal ones have content license share their revenues with the channels they feature. Some of the legal IPTV services are Sling TV, Hulu, and YouTube TV. Illegal IPTV do not hold license to their streaming services. They hide their activities and often charge less than legal IPTVs. A good example of illegal IPTV is Area 51.

    Q: Is it possible to block IPTV?

    A: If you are using VPN, there is no way for an ISP to block connection to IPTV. If yours is blocked, it may have a lot to do with how your IPTV provider deals with those using VPN.

    Q: Can I use IPTV without VPN safely?

    A: There is a good reason why IPTV and VPN are great bedfellows. They make sure you have access to content from anywhere in the world and no one knows who or where you are. It is a good practice to use VPN with IPTV because devices like Smart TVs are vulnerable to hacking.

    Q: Is it illegal to watch IPTV?

    A: In the USA, watching IPTV whether legal or illegal is not a crime. You should check and see what the laws say in your country. However, when you download and distribute the content from an illegal IPTV, then that is illegal and punishable by law.

    Q: How do I stream on IPTV?

    A: Content is moved, on your request or subscription, via internet protocol network to your top box and then to you interface such as smart TV, Android device, iPhone or whatever device you are using.

    Q: What does EPG mean on IPTV?

    A: It stands for Electronic Programming Guide and displays relevant information for upcoming programs on channels you are subscribed to. It gives a heads up n what to expect.

    Q: Is it possible to clear IPTV cache?

    A: Yes, you can do it in a breeze for your smart TV. Using your device remote control, press home, then go to settings. Depending on your TVs menu, select app, then all app, and show system apps. Go on and select favorite app, choose clear cache, and then ok. It is all gone.

    Q: Can I watch IPTV for free?

    A: Yes, some IPTVs are free. We have listed a few of them in this guide. However, you may not get many channels and good streaming services. Also, make sure you use a strong VPN.

    Q: How much data does IPTV spend, if any?

    A: IPTV uses more data than the regular TV. It actually consumes 240 times more of bandwidth than when you browse or use internet for regular activities. The reason is because TV uses data differently.

    Q: Can I connect IPTV on my own?

    A: Start by plugging your device, for example, TV. Also plug your top box. Put on your network and establish a connection to the top box. You could use WiFi or a LAN cable.

    Final Verdict

    There is no way to bring to count the exact number of IPTV services. Some are great, while others should be used with caution.

    In that sea of options, it is not easy to find one IPTV that fits into your needs like gloves. But hopefully, this guide has been an eye-opener and you can now make your choice bolds from the services we have reviewed here. We have also highlighted some of the things that define the best IPTV. Now the ball is in your court. Also, remember to have stable internet with a speed of not less than 25Mbps. From there, the rest should be a breeze and TV served to your liking.